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Professional tools in your interlocutors’ language

Within any company, there are more than editorial texts:

Actor or partner beyond your frontiers, your communication starts through internal presentations and announcements too.

You create commercial brochures, technical or global pamphlets, modules for your partners or clients, today you broadcast your colors through your website, combining editorial texts and simpler ones.

TraduScript’s range of expertise is at the heart of your specific or regular needs.

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Sworn translations

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A team tailored to your needs

The size of our team adapts accordingly to the size of your project. A well paced work instills motivation and quality. Our collaborators are flexible.

Not all your texts have the same value. The same goes for the translator’s mission.

Translator’s duty

For commercial, technical or editorial needs, a translation consists in transposing a written content from one language to another, in other words, go from a source language to a target language.

Sworn translations

A certified translation is completed by a translator sworn by a tribunal. The certified translator affixes his/her seal on the document. Thus, a certified translation is admitted as an official document by courts and administration.

Interpreter’s duty

The distinction between the different modalities can often be confusing.

Interpreting isn’t translating. The main difference is the channel used, as interpreting is limited to oral communication, translating related only to written texts.


The amont of the fees depends on the type of mission. The time needed for reflection, research and processing constitutes the base to determine completion delays and incompressible costs.

To help you understand our billing’s system, we have illustrated our fees in the table below. It presents the correlation between the nature of the texts, your expectations, the costs and delays.

Each translated document undergoes a proofreading and a thorough spell check.

Billing by word or character is based on the original source document.  An intervention fee applies in case of hourly billing:

  • 1 hour of translation and proofreading
  • 3 hours of interpreting

Type of text





Document Format

Word, Excel

WordPress / WPML

Manuscript copies / Table / PDF

Web content and blog articles

Type of document

Informative document

Corporate communication

External publication

Official document / Speech


Non urgent translation

Rapid translation < 72h

Priority translation < 48-24h

Night or weekend translation

For custom estimate, submit quotation request here.

Specific requests such as atypical languages, accredited translators, interpreting services entails an increase of the service rate.

This offer applies to all services in the industrial and tertiary sectors, as well as to all other professional economic sectors.